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lymphedema masage

We are an occupational therapy private practice that brings lymphedema, lipedema, oncology and pelvic floor rehabilitation directly to you in the comfort of your own home. Whether it is the chaos of daily life that makes it difficult to find time to travel to a traditional outpatient clinic for treatment, to difficulty in finding daily transportation or being medically limited or immunocompromised that makes coming to a clinic site daunting or impossible, at Swell Solutions we bring the clinic directly to you. Our goal is to provide you with quality, individualized, integrative and holistic care with the goal of bringing your lymphatic and pelvic health back home.


We provide home lymphedema and pelvic floor therapy services in Frederick County, Maryland.

Welcome to Swell Solutions.

Now offering Pelvic Floor Therapy and Rehabilitation
We are currently not accepting new clients at this time. As therapy times become available, the website will be updated to reflect these changes. Thank you for your understanding. 

Our Promise to You

At Swell Solutions, our mission is to bring to you personalized, holistic and integrative therapy services with the primary focus of bringing your physical, mental, and emotional health back to you.

Lymphedema and Phlebolymphedema

Lymphedema is a protein rich swelling caused by a dysfunction in the lymphatic system. Over time, lymphedema can continue to congest in your tissues causing painful, heavy swelling that requires specialized therapy to treat. Lymphedema can develop due to cancer and can affect any area of your body. It can also develop due to poor blood flow to the legs, known as phlebolymphedema. At Swell Solutions, we are licensed Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLT) that can decongest the affected tissues and promote optimal lymphatic health. 


Lipedema is a condition that causes abnormal fat cells to stress surrounding connective tissue, which results in a chronic state of congestion (edema) and tissue pain. Over time, the fat cells of lipedema can abnormally collect around the buttocks, hips and legs, but can also affect arms as well. It mostly affects women. Lipedema is not normal fat and does not respond to diet or exercise. At Swell Solutions, we can successfully diagnose and treat lipedema and help achieve improved health and wellness outcomes that promote empowerment and understanding to this miusnderstood condition.


Being diagnosed with cancer should not mean going through it alone. Our therapists have extensive training, knowledge and hands-on experience in meeting persons battling cancer right were they are. At Swell Solutions, we can provide prehabilitative therapy services that focuses on client education and assistance in getting equipped to maximize individual recovery as you course through your cancer journey. We also provide individualized therapy and rehabilitative services that meet you at each stage in your journey so that together we can achieve your optimal health and wellness in order to restore you back to your health.

Our Services

At Swell Solutions, we provide the "gold-standard" of lymphedema therapy through the performance of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). CDT treatment consists of two phases: the active phase and the maintenance phase. We will safely take you through all parts of CDT treatment and successfully help you transition into a new, healthier lifestyle that supports your lymphatic health and achieves your long-term health and wellness.

Complete Decongestive Therapy


CDT treatment is the "gold-standard" to treating lymphedema and lipedema. A collection of short stretch bandages (SSB) are gently applied to the swollen limb to help to soften the lymph fluid to assist with decongestion.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


MLD is a component of CDT treatment. It is a very gentle massage that stimulates lymphatic flow to help move lymph fluid from affected lymphatic vessels to healthy ones, thus improving lymph flow and reducing limb size.

Skin Care

Good skin care is essential to ensuring that the affects of lymphedema do not allow for wounds or skin infections to occur, such as cellulitis. A proper and daily skin care routine is incorporated as part of CDT treatment to ensure optimal outcomes.

Compression Garments

The correct compression garment(s) is essential for long-term success in the management of this chronic condition. As part of CDT treatment, the most appropriate and recommended of compression garment(s) will be discussed at length with you, taking into consideration lifestyle and personal accommodations, to which you will be assisted in being measured for. At Swell Solutions, we will ensure your success with your transition into wearing these garments in helping to achieve your daily, long-term success.

Exercise & Nutrition for Lymphedema & Lipedema and the Pelvic Floor

Once the 'active' phase of CDT treatment is completed, a personalized exercise program will be developed for you that assists in facilitating lymphatic flow, building muscular strength and endurance and using your own "muscle pump" to generate lymphatic health. Holistic lifestyle and nutrition is also curated at this time. This is considered the 'maintenance' phase of CDT treatment.

For pelvic floor therapy, a comprehensive assessment and evaluation will lead to external and internal therapeutic techniques that focus on supporting and improving the strength, coordination, relaxation, endurance and functional use of the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor therapy will include abdominal and respiratory work as well as treatments focused on hip, pelvic and upper and lower body strength and range of motion. These are all combined to assist with reducing pelvic floor pain and urinary and rectal dysfunction and concerns.

Cancer Rehabilitation & Support

There are many stages to your recovery while going through cancer treatments. At Swell Solutions, we recognize the importance and need for therapy both before and after surgery, to equip you with all the right tools and information that help you succeed in every part of your journey back to health. Symptoms of axillary cording, radiation fibrosis, reduced range of motion, scar management, pain and reduced nerve conduction are just some of the rehab services we focus on in helping to restore you back to your health. We are capable of creating specific rehabilitation and wellness programs that meet you right where you are and help to keep you moving forward through each stage of your journey. Additionally, we participate in the Strength After Breast Care (SABC) program. This program is geared to help restore your strength and endurance after cancer treatments have been completed.

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Post-surgical lymphatic care? MLD for an immunity boost?

At Swell Solutions, not only do we provide therapy services to our clients with lymphedema, lipedema, cancer and pelvic floor related needs, but we also offer post-surgical massage, exercise and wellness services to clients who are recovering from various surgeries or medical procedures, or, desire an immunity boost and would benefit from manual lymphatic drainage massage and a personalized exercise and nutrition regimen. We can assist in teaching and providing you the right tools on how to perform self lymphatic drainage massage, exercise and nutrition choices that will improve your overall health and wellness outcomes.


With Swell Solutions, you get the luxury of quality, personalized therapy services in the comfort of your own home. We take pride in providing to you the style of therapy that meets your needs to maximize your healthcare outcomes. 

"Allie - How can I express my gratitude to you? You have been part of my journey and recovery from the very beginning providing me with encouragement, positive outlook and lots of stories which I loved chatting to you about. You've got an incredible memory that you use for such good making each person feel so valued and special as you remember everything going on in our lives. Thank you!"


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Are you wondering if Swell Solutions is the right therapy for you?

At Swell Solutions, we offer to our potential clients a free 10 minute consultation phone call that will help to answer any immediate questions that you may have in regard to your healthcare. We wholly believe in directing people in the best direction for their healthcare and are happy to assist in identifying your best course of care for you.

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